Gabriola Arts Council receives generous donation for improvements to the WI Hall

Jim Wilson-Storey, President of the Gabriola Arts Council (GAC), announced today that they have received an anonymous donation of $24,644.30, designated specifically for repairs and improvements to the WI Hall building and property. The donation was received via CanadaHelps, a website that enables donors to contribute funds to registered charitable organizations. The donation came via their “securities” program, which allows donors to make a direct donation of a mutual fund or security at full value to the charity while being tax-efficient for the donor.

The Gabriola Arts Council took possession of the WI Hall property on September 5, 2014. While the building is in good shape and has been well maintained, it is starting to show its age; a recent and thorough inspection revealed a number of items in need of repair. The priority list includes a new foundation, Read more…

2014-09-13 11.29.03

The Gabriola Women’s Institute Hall has new owners!

Jim Wilson-Storey, President of the Gabriola Arts Council, is pleased to announce that the Arts Council board members are now the official stewards of the Gabriola Women’s Institute Hall. In a visionary act of generosity and community spirit, the members of the Gabriola Women’s Institute donated their building and property to the Arts Council. Read more…

Logo - Poetry Gabriola

September is Pop-Up Poetry Month!

Poetry Gabriola is proud to announce



Online ticket sales have ended! You can purchase tickets at the door for all events listed below. If you ordered tickets online, they will be waiting for you at the door. If you want to register for a workshop, contact Lisa directly.


Monday, September 1—IAN FERRIER and For Body and Light


Saturday, September 20—SUSAN MUSGRAVE and STEPHEN REID

Sunday, September 21—WORKSHOP # 1 with SUSAN MUSGRAVE

Sunday, September 21—WORKSHOP # 2 with STEPHEN REID

Saturday, September 27—JEM ROLLS


Check out all the news from Poetry Gabriola here.

Read more…


Thank you, everyone!

There is nothing like a weekend when a whole community comes together to celebrate each other, celebrate visitors, and celebrate the arts. And after eight months of preparation, it is more than just the organizers, theatre practitioners and performers that make a weekend like this happen: it is also the volunteers, sponsors, and donors. So many Gabriolans put in hours and hours of their time to bring to you the magic of the theatre festival. And what a weekend the Sixth Annual Gabriola Theatre Festival was! We could never give enough thanks to those involved, Read more…

GUMSHOE by Bill Pope

Gabriola Gumshoe! He’s BACK!

ONLINE ticket sales have ended but you can still purchase your tickets at the door. If you’ve already bought your tickets online, they will have your name on a list at the door. Enjoy the show!


Trent Trowel returns! On Sunday, September 14th at 4 pm in The Haven’s Phoenix Auditorium, Trent Trowel will once again share with an audience his greatest case. The case that changed his life forever. The Case Of The Coffeehouse Conflagration!

If you missed Gabriola Gumshoe: The Case of the Coffeehouse Conflagration at the Gabriola Theatre Festival, this is your chance to see the show that everyone’s talking about! Admission is $20 ($10 for 16 and under) and tickets will be available at Artworks as of the beginning of September, and online right here, right now! Read more…

KCMMB - GTF 2014

Gabriola Theatre Festival Audience Feedback

Thank you, thank you for attending the Sixth Annual Gabriola Theatre Festival. The excitement is just starting to drift into memory, but we’re already thinking about next year. Your feedback will help us to ensure that the Festival is interesting, exciting and exactly what our audience wants.

We’ll be grateful for your answers to the questions below. If you’d like to email your feedback or comments directly Read more…

raffle smaller


This year’s raffle will consist of more than $700 worth of local goods! Raffle tickets will be for sale at the Speakeasy launch party, and in the festival hub all weekend. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. There will be three draws, the first worth a minimum of $100, the second worth a minimum of $200, and the third worth a minimum of $300!

The nightly draws will take place before each evening show. The lovely packages consist of work from: Sheila Norgate, D’dance Glass, Shantikat, Tiny Twigs, Full Circle Pottery, Vintage Signs, Red Roaster Coffee, Lorna Potts, Starfish Soap Company, Cabisan Design, Tyed Up and Dyed, New Society Publishers, and more! These great packages also include gift certificates from Woodfire Restaurant and Old Crow Cafe.

Support the local artists. Support the theatre festival. Get your tickets soon…You gotta be in it to win it!

Raffle Prize Friday Night: $135

Full Circle Pottery: Large bowl and two matching mugs
New Society Publishers: Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good by Heather Menzies
D’dance Glass: large glass ball
Red Roaster Coffee: 1 pound of coffee
Tiny Twigs: Bug Spray

Raffle Prize Saturday Night: $257

Sheila Norgate: painting
D’dance Glass: large glass ball
Vintage Signs: “Please do not feed or tease the monkeys”
Tyed Up and Dyed: T-shirt
Lorna Potts: Glass star
Starfish Soap Company: Soap Basket
Old Crow Café: $25
Raffle Prize Sunday Night: $400

Gulf Island Seaplanes: one way air ticket for one person, valid between Silva Bay and Vancouver International Airport
Shantikat: Diamond Willow Walking Stick
D’dance: Large glass vase
Woodfire Restaurant: $50
Cabisan Design: flags
Lindsay Stocking-Godfrey: bracelet


We cordially invite you to GTF’s Opening Ceremonies

The Antony Holland Opening Ceremonies on Friday, August 15th at 1pm is a not-to-be-missed Gabriola event.

Starting off with the Ken Capon Memorial Marching Band, this event will lead into words from Sheila Malcolmson, Jean Crowder, Howard Houle, Doug Routley, which will be followed by a brilliant Antony-Through-The-Ages performance from writer and performer James Hawkins, with songs from lovely Alison Humphries.

Jim Wilson-Storey, Garry Davey, Kathy Ramsey, and Susan Yates will read notes from Antony’s past colleagues and friends (many names which you will recognize), and then for the grand unveiling of dedicating the mainstage tent to Antony’s name.

And all of these remarkable events will happen in just one hour. Please join us in celebrating Antony Holland, and the opening of the sixth annual Gabriola Theatre Festival.



Psst! Speakeasy Password: Phonus Balonus


Tomorrow’s Dawn is Cancelled

Hello Theatre Festival Supporters

We’re in the final countdown for the Theatre Festival – the tent arrives on Wednesday, the theatre companies start arriving on Thursday, the Speakeasy Launch Party is Thursday evening, and on Friday afternoon at 1 pm the Ken Capon Memorial Marching Band will kick off the Opening Ceremonies and the tribute to Antony Holland!

Unfortunately, we’ve had a glitch: La Petite Famille—the company who was meant to be presenting “Tomorrow’s Dawn”—has just informed us that they have to cancel their appearance on Gabriola, which was scheduled for August 17th at 3:30 pm. We’re all disappointed but we know that the rest of the theatre shows and all of the events and entertainment planned for the Hub and the Outdoor Stage will help to fill the gap.

For those who have purchased tickets, we have a couple of options for you:

-You can exchange your tickets for any other show on the program (as long as it has not sold out—and note that “Eva Cassidy: How Can I Keep From Singing” is almost sold out).

-You can receive a cash refund for the full value of your ticket (adjusted, if you purchased your tickets with a 3-show or 5-show pass).

You will be able to make your exchange at the Ticket Kiosk in the Village starting tomorrow (Tuesday), and up to the end of Theatre Festival on Sunday.

If you have any questions, please email Alina at or call Michelle at 250-247-7409.

Apologies for the trouble and disappointment. I hope you’ll find another exciting show on the program that you’ll want to see.


Road Closure 2014small

Road Closure

Lockinvar Lane, between the two entrances to Folklife Village will be closed Friday, August 15 at 2pm to Sunday August 17th at 10pm for Gabriola Theatre Festival’s Street Art! Street Fair! This road closure has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation.


Psst! Speakeasy Password: Phonus Balonus





Q&A Series: Colette Nichol, creator of Swimming with Piranhas

A fascinating Q&A with Colette Nichol from Swimming with Piranhas

Gabriola Theatre Festival: This is your first visit to the Gabriola Theatre Festival. What are you looking forward to most about coming to Gabriola?

Colette Nichol: That’s a tricky question!  I’m looking forward to many things.  First and foremost, I’m excited about sharing Swimming with Piranhas with a Gabriolan audience.  This is a show I’ve worked many long hours on and that matters a great deal to me, so I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was at the top of my list.  I’ve also never been to Gabriola, but I have heard amazing things about the Island.  So getting to know the Island, meeting new people, and being part of an artistic and cultural event, are all things that I’m looking forward to.

GTF: What was the inspiration for your new show, Swimming with Piranhas? What can the Gabriolan audience expect from this show?

 CN: Gabriolans can expect to be taken on a spiritual adventure with my solo show Swimming with Piranhas.  The show starts in darkness but slowly moves into light as the main character inadvertently transforms her life in surprising ways and through surprising events.  The show was inspired both by the time I spent in the jungles of Ecuador and my experience in seeing so many people I love struggle with cancer.  It’s definitely a show that is based on a world view of hope and joy, but it dips into some deep dark pools along its way.  You will likely leave the theatre feeling uplifted, moved, or perplexed.

GTF: How was it that you ended up working in theatre? Can you tell us a little bit about your journey?

CN: I have been performing consistently since I was a kid, and being a professional actor was something I started dreaming of at an early age. Growing up in a small town, I participated in every theatrical event I could get myself into, some of which were more than a bit ridiculous. Then at age 17 I moved to Toronto to study acting professionally. My path has turned out to be a circuitous one that has not followed the standard trajectory for an actor.  I didn’t stick to one acting school.  I studied with many teachers, learned various techniques, and ultimately ended up throwing myself into solo performance.  At the age of 22 I wrote and performed my first solo show while living in Ecuador, and I subsequently toured across Canada for three months.  I took a break from acting for a few years after that, and then I started writing Swimming with Piranhas. While I do eventually plan on going back to ensemble work, solo shows are something I’m passionate about and hope to continue working on in the

GTF: You work in many other mediums. Can you tell us a bit about them?

CN: I’m a proud multihyphenate.  In addition to acting and writing, I own my own company: Story Envelope Media, which helps socially conscious entrepreneurs and businesses connect with their audiences through the creation of online video.  Moving pictures are a passion of mine because my core interest is story; thus, any medium wherein a story can be told is a medium that interests me.  I also dabble in dubious poetry, and the world of feature filmmaking is something I plan on diving headlong into within the next few years as well.

GTF: What is your experience with the theatre environment on Canada’s west coast?

CN: I live in a funny limbo between theatre and film.  Much of my acting training in Vancouver as was with film-oriented actors, who would then occasionally put on a show.  And with my main theatrical interest for the past 8 years being solo theatre, I have had a unique experience of theatre on the west coast.  Rather than being inside a particular theatre circle, I experience the theatre world as someone on the fringes, dipping a toe in here and there to support a friend.   But mostly my experience of theatre on the west coast is one of solitary rehearsals interspersed with great conversations with thespian friends, and a healthy dose of attending shows. My favourite time of year for theatre is the summer fringe festival season, since I love seeing people in chaotic lineups to go to the theatre.

GTF: What show are you most looking forward to seeing at the Gabriola Theatre Festival?

CN: Definitely I’m most excited about seeing Clayton Jevne’s Falstaff.  Watching solo shows is one of my favourite theatrical experiences, and this one is particularly enticing.

GTF: Is there anything else you think Gabriolans should know, or would like to add?

CN: Well, I’m always worried people are going to think that I actually behave like the main character in my show, so since I have the time here now to set that straight, I would like to assure anybody who does go see my show that it is entirely a piece of fiction.  Aside from that I love hearing people’s feedback and musings about Swimming with Piranhas.  The show seems to hit everyone slightly differently.  So if you come see the show, feel free to walk up to me randomly or send me an e-mail telling me what you think!  Theatre is made both for the artist and the audience, and that connection between artist and audience is something I place a lot of importance on.  And of course, thank you for having me to Gabriola!



Psst! Speakeasy Password: Phonus Balonus



How to dress ’20s and where to find it all!

How to!

The 1920s, following the first world war, brought on big changes in fashion! Gone were the days of the corsets and bustles and big were the days of colour!

The roaring twenties was the time of the flapper! Of the wool and tweed suits! Of the vests, bow ties, newsboy caps and two-tone wingtip oxford shoes. The time of Charlie Chaplin, Daisy Buchanan, Ernest Hemingway, Ella Fitzgerald, Al Capone, John Dillinger, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Coco Chanel.

Where to!

Unfortunately, there are no 1920′s clothing stores hanging about just waiting for Roaring twenties events, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to dress the part! Read more…